Monday, 28 July 2014

On their way home....

Dear all, just a short note to say that the team are well on their way home. They were seen off at the airport by Sarah, Amy and Andy...

Thank you for reading thus blog, it has been a pleasure to share the team's adventures. We hope you've enjoyed these updates...

Best wishes, the Inspire Team.

Final day in Uganda

Today was a somewhat emotional day that brought this unforgettable trip to a heartfelt conclusion. It was truly a trip of legendary proportion full of laughter and tears of joy... 

"We just went to the falls then literally sat on the bus for 7 hours" - Weezzy

We woke up early to pack our stuff and have pictures for the hoodie company which were interestingly composed to say the least. We then had toasties for breakfast which were full and meaty. We jumped in the buses unenthusiastically as we embarked on a short detour to the top of Murchison Falls. T'was a beautiful view looking down at the torrent of water passing through the steep rock canyon. James and Caleb took a cheeky Titanic-esque snap with intentions of a new profile picture. 

Abby got attacked by some nasty flies - Mr Thomas was getting quite angry because she was screaming as she realised that there was a fly trapped in her trousers so she sweated vigorously wrapped in a blanket to prevent future attacks: we called it PBP (post bite paranoia).

The bumpy tracks were engulfed by clusters of towering foliage, among it the chirps of vibrant birds and the rustling of leaves.

We stopped for lunch and Caleb ate two too many chapatis (he only had two) so not long into the main leg of the journey there was an unexpected stop at the side of the road and Weezzy used all her will to not poo her pants. Illness soon left us and we quickly made our way to the Papaya Guest House.

Here, we chilled, played cards, Andy opened a coffee shop (for half an hour only) and ate a massive barbecue. After dinner, as we witnessed our last African sunset, we had heart wrenching speeches from the leaders and teachers. Weezzy and Francesca hosted the briefest, most enthusiastic and most enthralling awards ceremony ever. The awards included:

-The blocked pipes award for Annabel, for having only 5 poos.
- The twinkle toes award for Melissa, for dancing beautifully and helping Amy to teach a dance.
-The human dustbin award for Abby, for eating everyone's leftovers everyday.
- The most likely to take home an African child for Mrs Sands, for trying to steal many small African children throughout the trip.
- The haribo award for Charlotte, for being the sweetest in the group.
- The healthiest individual award for Sarah, for not being ill at all.
- The local legend award for Pippa, for scoring the golden goal in our football game.
-The getting stuck in award = Dodo
-The rasta award = Ilana
-The squat and aim award = Mr. Thomas
-The gay of the day award = Joe
-The snack attack award = Ella Povey
-The trying new things award = Toby
-The banter king = Andy
-The most likely to marry an african ( stolen by) = Shivani
-The hidden gem award = Hannah
-The ghetto award = Ella T
-The most improved at african life = Miss. Heath
-The germ freak award = Alice
-The pig award = Weezzy
-The tweak award = Lauren
-The heartthob award = Caleb
-The merchison fall award = Francesa
-The daddy award = James
-The global appeal award = George
-The colourful award = Amy
-The constructional award = Tom
-The swuag award = Jack
-The stupid tourist award = Jenny
-The florence nightingale award = Alix

-The super pooper award = Graigagh 

The team will soon be on their way to the airport....

Sunday, 27 July 2014


We had a really early start to our safari day today so that we could see all the animals before it got too hot. We had a short boat ride across the Nile before getting into our safari vehicles. After yesterday's Rhino trekking we were all keen to see if we could complete seeing the Big 5. We were delighted to see Elephants, Giraffes, Antelopes, Hippos and the highlight of the safari ... 2 lions chilling out together! We all loved peering out of the roofs of our vehicles as the sun rose across the beautiful landscape. 

After a great morning we returned to camp for some delicious lunch before heading out on a boat safari this afternoon along the Nile to Murchison Falls which is an amazing waterfall where the Nile cascades through a 7 metre gap. 

Following another great meal we are all hanging out looking at the stars before heading back to Kampala tomorrow morning.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sad goodbyes and rhinos!

From our leaders...

It was really hard to say our final goodbyes today as we had to pack up all our things and leave Goodlyfe and the students of Kikaaya College School. An early departure with chapatis in our stomachs meant we could get to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for lunch. 

We walked out with a ranger to find a family of Rhino's. They were beautiful and graceful animals and we all felt privileged we had had that opportunity to see them. After the sanctuary we then had another 4 hour bus trip to our camp at Murchison Falls National Park, where we will head out on safari from tomorrow. It's time for an early night as we have a 6.15am start tomorrow!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Last day at Kikaaya College School

As written by Ella, Annabel and Ilana:

Today we started off with another morning of project work and splatting the walls (and ourselves!) Some also did a home visit again (and were stuffed with a whole meal consisting of cake, potatoes, mango, pineapple and lots more!) Francesca designed a wall we had previously plastered with chalk art. We did this with some local Ugandans' help. 

In the afternoon, it was time to say goodbye to all the Kikaaya students. It was an emotional time with most of the girls crying. As we danced with students with smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes gifts were given to us ranging from bracelets to love letters and we all received a painting from the school. Other gifts included a china bowl (for George) and a rug (for Ella P). This day was great and very emotional but we all agree it was the best possible way to leave Kikaaya and all the students. 

We'll definitely miss them all and hope to see them again one day!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Two days in one!

Day 8 

The day of our trip to the Nile had come and the bus journey there was filled with laughter, chatting and singing as we ate bananas bought off the roadside. We arrived at the Nile, along with our 12 guest Kikaaya students around 2.30pm after a huge amount of traffic with tummies rumbling and bladders ready to burst. The Nile restaurant staff then presented us with a huge feast of fried chicken and chips which was nice reminder of home, which was washed down with an ice cold Fanta or Coke. Tummies full with large fried chicken babies the group was then taken on a guided tour around the bank of The Nile where we were allowed to take photos and ask questions about its history. The Nile itself was extremely beautiful and was home to a variety of animals that were strange looking to say the least. After this the group were then allowed to go and purchase some African trinkets from the stalls situated along the bank. The group then re boarded the bus and prepared themselves for another 3.5 hour journey back to Goodlyfe for dinner and a long night of sleep (hopefully undisturbed by cockroaches or mice!)
Overall we are having the times of our life. Lots of love Weezzy and Francesca.
P.S Parents; if you are reading this please bring money for a McDonalds on the way home!

 Day 9

We had bananas for breakfast … not one of Nora’s better efforts but still delicious and we headed to College to start ‘splatting’! Jean-Paul the builder taught us how to splat the cement but the only place it seems to go is on my face! We also did some painting and we ended up painting ourselves more than the walls, unsurprisingly.
We invited some of the local girls to lunch at Goodlyfe and they danced to loud music as I napped, which was much needed.
We headed back to the College and continued ‘splatting’. Graihagh started attacking me with the concrete and baby Gloria weed on Shivani which was hilarious – at least it wasn’t chunder!
We discovered that African boys can MOVE! Their dance skills are crazy.
We headed back to Goodlyfe and are chilling around the table as usual after dinner … which was very nice (one of Nora’s better efforts). Most people are on the double digits on the poo tally now!!! We are looking forward to celebrating our last day at Kikaaya College tomorrow.
Abby and Lauren

Stars of the day today were Ilana (all round trooper), Jenny (for working so hard), Hannah (for always getting on diligently) and Abby (for her energy and enthusiasm)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Visit to the Source if the Nile

Today the group have had a very busy day - I am posting a few lines to let you know what they've been up to until they can send their update through.

The team have spent the day visiting the Source of the Nile in Jinja along with students from Kikaaya College School.  This joint trip was special  for both PGS and Kikaaya students,  as this was the first time to see this beuatiful place for everyone involved.  They took a walk and then shared lunch together.

I will post a more detailed account as soon as I can , but for now the team are safely tucked up in bed at their guest house!